Cafe Style Speed Training

Cafe Style – Food for Thought

Cafe Style provides a trailblazing methodology and unique recipes for accelerating learning and change. The solutions include a portfolio of experiential microlearning and leadership recipes, events, programs and tools. Designed by our ‘Master Chefs’ in accelerated learning and change, they are proven to transform learning experiences to be fun, engaging and deliver powerful outcomes, fast!

How it works and the benefits you can expect…

Every capsule is a unique ‘recipe’ designed to achieve one particular outcome in 10 to 30 minutes. They can be facilitated by Managers, Learning Practitioners, HR Managers and internal Change Champions during team meetings, breaks and in training workshops. Or, they can be cleverly fused together to create amazing experiential development programs.

Alternatively, you can choose to work with one of our accredited Cafe Style Facilitators to design and deliver an intervention for you. Either way, this creative and agile approach to learning is designed with the current disruptive nature of business in mind. It is proven to change attitudes, limiting beliefs, emotional intelligence and transform behavior of individuals and groups.

Become self-sufficient and sustainable…

For those organizations looking to create a self-sustaining model of learning, development and change, we recommend you take a look at one of our ‘Train the Champion’ programs:

  • Values Champions Program
  • Creative Change and Innovation Champions Program
  • Mindfulness Champions Program
  • Go bespoke…we can create the perfect recipe to meet your needs!

Click here to experience our innovative Pop-Up Learning Cafes where you can train up to 200 employees in a one-day event!

During our four years of R&D by the Café Style team, by far the most effective strategy for change has been when internal Change Champions / facilitators have been given the knowledge, skill, appropriate experiential learning and change tools to make it happen. Hence, the Change Champions solutions and the Pop-Up Learning Cafes create fast, sustainable change. This combination is perfect for medium to large size organizations struggling to accelerate learning, or scale culture change (or both).

Easy to use. Easy to learn. Easy to access!

You can access the Cafe Style portfolio via our online Agile Learning Platform (Café Style Culture Club), or our mobile app. From here you can access solo and team development recipes and programs, which can be tailored to your unique vision, strategy, and values.

What now?

Whatever your learning, development and culture change requirements, we have it covered. Armed with hundreds of capsules, recipes and programs, we will tailor the most appropriate solution to ensure you can transform how your people think and behave in line with the disruptive nature of technological change.