Exciting Launch of the M²OST™ Platform at The MobileStore

Our favourite things to do at Paathshala are adding value and sharing happiness. This article is all about doing them both.

Our whole team at Paathshala Learning Solutions is very excited this week because the M²OST™ platform has been launched in India’s largest and most trusted mobile retail outlet, The MobileStore Ltd on 24th September, 2016.

It is a moment of pride for us as India’s largest telephony retailer, The MobileStore Ltd, has provided us with a great opportunity by adopting the M²OST™ platform. The MobileStore serves as the one stop mobile solution shop that provides multi brand handsets, accessories, connections, repairs, VAS and much more, all under one roof. It currently has over 600 outlets across 90 cities, thus covering virtually every major town in every state across India.

Here is an excerpt from a conversation we had with Mr. Gaurav Bhatli, India Head, Customer Service Operations at The MobileStore Ltd to gain insight about the future of mobile learning and expectations from the M²OST™ platform

Q: What is your opinion on mobile learning as a concept?

A: Personally, I feel that handset is practically becoming the one stop device for navigation, email, search, entertainment-everything. It is one technology that not been fully utilized as far as Learning and Development is concerned. Present generation employees are already very comfortable with handheld devices. Moving to a learning platform on handheld devices is the next logical step.

Q: What are your expectations from the M²OST™ platform?

It should deliver equal or better results than classroom training. People should be see it as a companion that helps them in need.

Q: Do you feel that mobile learning is sufficient in itself or is it an aid for classroom learning?

A: I feel that eventually we are heading towards a future where mobile learning will become the primary means of learning. The classroom will aid mobile learning.

Q: Which topics should a mobile learning platform cover to aid training in the workplace?

A: Learning as a process primarily deals with two things- skills and behaviour along with process and standard operating procedures. I would personally like to see topics from these categories on a mobile learning platform in a workplace environment.

The M²OST™ team sincerely thanks Mr. Bhatli for providing some serious food for thought. We look forward to doing more for The MobileStore.

Curious about M²OST™ ? Check out the capabilities of this platform here.


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