M²OST – Featured Among The Most Promisng LMS 2017

Paathshala Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been listed among the Top 20 Most Promising LMS Solution Providers in the special issue of the renowned CIOReview India Magazine. The solution that has been featured is Paathshala's Massively Mobile Online Skill Training Platform (M²OST™). This is the second year that the M²OST™ Platform has received recognition on a national forum.

Here is an excerpt from the article,

It is an undeniable fact that the conventional learning practices have been transformed by major factors like technological advancements, increased penetration of internet, continuous innovations in e-learning tools and delivery methods and high demand for interactive learning. While demanding information at their fingertips, today's learners' foremost requirement is to make learning interactive, enjoyable, bite-sized and easily accessible. The learning industry has accelerated due to the availability of feasible modern LMS solutions, however, the importance of mobile learning platforms has significantly increased leading to ample market opportunities. Hence, technology vendors who already perceived the need for affordable as well as future-ready LMS solutions in the learning ambience, can stay ahead of the game. Endeavouring to engage, enable and empower its clients, Pune headquartered Paathshala Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd, comes into the scenario with its Massively Mobile Online Skill Training Platform (M²OST™), an innovative and eruptive mobile application based learning platform, which allows its clients to aggregate and distribute customised content in a controlled environment.

According to Rajib Chowdhury, Founder & Managing Director of Paathshala Learning Solutions, “One of the greatest strengths of the M²OST™ platform is its flexibility. It has been designed to adapt and evolve in the age of lifelong learning”.

M²OST™ platform has been selected among the TOP 5 products at Startup India Rocks! 2016. Aside from this technology platform, Paathshala delivers Corporate Consulting and Social Development Programs.

To read the complete article, please visit page 42 on https://www.cioreviewindia.com/magazines/lms-special-september-2017/

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Paathshala learning solutions pvt. ltd. is a cloud based learning platform that works on an online as well as real time support model which provides grassroots level skill and competency development programs and solution to both the corporate as well as the student fraternity.