Recipe for Positivity – The most amazing thing you’ll ever make!

At Cafe Style Culture Club, we try to reveal how ridiculous some of our ‘I can’t’ beliefs are in an interactive and effective way.


6-10 people willing to make a switch to positive thinking

6-10 pens

6-10 sheets of paper

A packet of eclairs toffee (you can decide what motivates the group the most)

1 person willing to become a facilitator

A ton of enthusiasm


  1. Form two teams with at least 3 members each
  2. The facilitator must share the toffees equally between the teams.
  3. All the team members must write down their own ‘I can’t’ statements
  4. Spin a pen and decide which team must go first
  5. The first person in the team reads out their ‘I can’t’ statement.
  6. Moving from left to right, the opposing team calls out ‘Oh yes you can’ and provides a funny solution to the 'I can’t' statement
  7. The facilitator will award that yummy toffee to the opposing team every time they come up with a 'can do' statement.
  8. Repeat until everyone has read their statement.

Who wins at the end of this? Everyone!

For the competitive ones, it is the team that ends up with the maximum number of toffees.

Neat isn’t it?

We’d love to know how this recipe helped to bring about positive change in your life. Follow us on LinkedIn for more tips and tricks.

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