Social Development Programs

Education lies at the forefront of our mission to take development to the grassroots.  At Paathshala, we have designed three social development programs in the education sector which cater to the needs of students as well as teachers.

Yogya - Making You Capable

yogya life skills

A life-skill development program for graduates and undergraduates seeking to bridge the gap between competencies and functional skills required by the corporate world for employment and those acquired by them via education programs. Read about Yogya right here.

Masti - Ghar Ghar Mein Paathshala

 Masti women entrepreneur

A unique micro-playschool concept from Paathshala, designed to promote and provide high-quality early childhood education with a women entrepreneurship platform. Find out more about this socially conscious business model here.

 SeTU - Values and Behaviours Training 

SeTU values

SeTU provides the bridge to a sustainable future by inculcating values and behaviours in school children which facilitate the development of responsible citizens for the future. Further details can be found here.



Paathshala learning solutions pvt. ltd. is a cloud based learning platform that works on an online as well as real time support model which provides grassroots level skill and competency development programs and solution to both the corporate as well as the student fraternity.