Coroebus – Gamifying Engagement and Performance

The science of Gamification is here to alter your perception of how business goals can be accomplished.

We designed Coroebus, our powerful Gamification platform, to foster a culture of innovation with engaging gameplay, immersive themes, and intuitive analytics. It goes beyond the usual practice of just introducing Points, Badges, and Leaderboards.

One core idea that lies at the centre of Coroebus' creation is that quality of work is heavily impacted by the state of mind of the employee. This means that a motivated and engaged employee will produce higher quality work than a disengaged and bored employee. Even though this knowledge feels intuitive, the challenge lies in coming up with an effective strategy for engagement and performance.

With the Neuroscience of Play and the Octalysis inspired Framework as the basis of its design, Coroebus transforms the work day into a fun and engaging game. The best part? The goal of the game is to enhance business performance.

Coroebus introduction - Twitter (Octalysis Inspired)


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