Experiential Learning – Building Sustainable Capabilities

You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over. - Richard Branson

Globally, companies undergo technological and workforce restructuring almost on a continuous basis to keep up with the market. Training programs come into the picture to equip everyone with means to cope up with these changes.

In a 2014 research by McKinsey, executives around the world stated capability building as one of their top three priorities. Sustainability can be accomplished by making new capabilities a norm and with improvements over time.

The challenge is traditional training methods like books and classes are passé. In one ear and out the other; everyone has been there and this manner of ‘learning’ won’t cut it anymore. This is why experiential learning comes as a viable prognosis.

Experiential learning tends to make an everlasting impression in the learner’s mind by making him learn through doing and reflection. It takes the learner outside their comfort zone by making them actively engage with a learning stimulus.

It is a five-step process:

  1. Experiencing and exploring by doing the part
  2. Reflecting on what happened
  3. Analysing the most important part
  4. Generalising
  5. Applying what works best for you

The experiential method turns out to be one of the most transformative methods of learning because it does not matter which exact path a learner is taking to reach the goal. This is primarily because the focus is on achieving measurable learning objectives through experiences that have a real world context (or are meaningful in reference to an applied situation).

At Paathshala, we design experiential learning activities based on the learning needs of the participants.  Do you want to embark on a fun and engaging learning journey? Let’s talk.


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