Learning Technology Platform

Lifelong learning has become the need of the hour as continuously evolving technologies have had a disruptive impact on industries across the board. Classroom learning and 8-hour training sessions are no longer able to meet the ever-changing learning needs of today's workforce.

Keeping this in mind, we have developed an innovative and eruptive learning technology platform, the Massively Mobile Online Skill Training Platform (M²OST™). The best part? It facilitates learning on one of the most widely used electronic devices - the smartphone.

The M²OST™ platform has a wide range of features and functionalities that you can read about here.

M2OST Goodbye to skill deficit

We have a content aggregation and distribution mobile application - Skillmuni on the M²OST™ platform. Are you a lover of learning? Download the Skillmuni app now!

skillmuni download the app






Paathshala learning solutions pvt. ltd. is a cloud based learning platform that works on an online as well as real time support model which provides grassroots level skill and competency development programs and solution to both the corporate as well as the student fraternity.